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Anonymous asked: Hi. Crossed paths with your blog for the first time yesterday. Read many of your posts that resonated with me. I just read "wrong turn" which I where I am in my life right now (the fire has started). I was wondering if you can elaborate on "life I meaningless?" Thanks for the insights. May you be happy and well. Metta, FeeFee


Life is meaningless.

What meaning could it possibly have? There is nothing that exists beyond Life. There is only Life, and it exists for the sake of existing. Life has no meaning other than Life itself.

Life is not about pleasing God because there is no God. Life is not about being good so that we can go to heaven. Life is not about helping others and it’s not even about finding your purpose. Whatever you’re doing now is what you’re supposed to be doing, because that is what you’re doing now and that’s all there is to it.

The meaning of Life is Life.

If we were to say the meaning of Life is to grow as a human being, to reach our full potential or whatever, that brings about new questions like “What is the meaning of growing?” and then we’ll still be looking for answers, never finding any. The meaning of life is right in your face. Life has no meaning.

The reason that this epiphany can be shocking is because it implies that all the bullshit ideas that we once had about Life, about why we do the things we do, about what we’re trying to accomplish and so on, suddenly become moot.

When we realize Life is meaningless, suddenly the carpet is pulled out from under our feet and we’re standing in the midst of Life itself, face to face, without any ideas about it coming between us. That’s scary, at first. Then it becomes liberating. In a meaningless Life, anything goes and that means absolute freedom.

Life has no meaning other than this, right here and now. Look around you. Take a breath. This is it. Enjoy!

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Anonymous asked: Hiya N. Got any recommended websites for awakening? Thanks


I have a short list of a few blogs you could check out:

The Awakened Dreamer
Awaken to Silence
Inquiry 4 Truth
Lazy Lucid
One Spaciousness
Zen in Wonderland

A few of these bloggers are awake. Some are getting here. The awakened ones might have some teachings for you. The others might have some posts from their own path which you could relate to as you walk yours.

There’s tons of spiritual blogs out there, but few are actually about the real path to awakening. These blogs are. They all have different styles of expression and I enjoy them. Check them out!